Warsaw Torture Boyz

Warsaw Torture Boyz are a techno DJ crew from Poland comprising of members MTWentz, Gem, Marcin Markowski, Kunik, Shocka, and the cruellest of bitches ………………. Prizm. Each and every single one of them can make any dance floor submit to their full on techno punishment. They don’t use the word ‘Torture’ in their name for nothing.

After wanting try something different from the previous techno parties they ran for over 14 years in and around Warsaw, Prizm and MTWentz founded WTB in 2006 with a more nu skool and wonky agenda in mind.

Their first thought was to create a band together rather than a DJ collective but it soon started to evolve into something more grandiose and exciting. Then when Shocka eventually joined them …………………………  that’s when the madness really started.

This madness led them to create their exceptional Out of Sync parties in 2014 which soon became the most important venture they had ever embarked on. These OOS parties have now became the benchmark of bangin’ techno parties in Poland with amazing guests such as Jerome Hill, TSR, Tobias Schmidt, Axel Sohns, Subhead and Paul Birken playing regularly.

They also started their highly successful Guest Podcast series on Soundcloud at this time which has show cased these and many other incredible artists with equally amazing sets.

WTB take their inspirations from many sources including Detroit techno, acid house, breaks, nu skool, wonky and electronica from the 80’s and 90’s. However, it’s the UK Brighton techno sound that’s influenced them more than anything and steered them onto the wonk-tastic path which they now tread.

This boundless enthusiasm has also jump started Prizm to start writing his own music and he’s greatly reduced playing DJ sets to concentrate on this. However, he can be forced to make an exception ………………….. of a RIOTous nature.

The beauty of WTB is that they’re always doing what they love with just as much passion as the first time they ventured into this techno realm. Always with the same craziness, always catching the same buzz and for ever integrally entwined within the electronic machine ……………….. let’s groove!