Woody McBride

Woody McBride is the beyond legendary producer, DJ, label owner, promoter and philosopher who’s been expanding minds since 1992. He’s dedicated his life to bringing underground techno to all the people of this Earth. Some say mind expanding, others say body rocking, but one thing is certain ……. Woody gives his heart and soul to the dance floor.

Originally from North Dakota, he moved to Minneapolis in 1988 and began to promote the Disco Family Plan nights. Musically inspired in his youth by acts like Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, The Sex Pistols, New Order and the odd Technotronic song that pumped up that jam, he’s went on to become one of the foremost pioneers in acid techno.

He’s had 100’s of seminal releases and remixes under his own name and aliases including DJ ESP, 4D and Voltage 9, on labels including Drop Bass Network, Labworks, Acid Tracks, Plus +8 and Magnetic North. His own imprint Communiqué and various other sub labels also continue to promote the underground sound and push it into the future.

He’s played at every top club and festival including Mayday, Nature One, Tresor, and Acid Wars. He also plays weekly on several international radio stations and works tirelessly to create new music for the galactic consciousness.

Woody says about wherever he plays from small club to huge arena, “I get up there and play like I’m playing at Mayday or Nature One. In 1988 I saw Metallica in my small home town and for the 100 of us that were there, they played like there were 50,000 screaming fans. I learned my lesson that night ……. give it your all every time.”

RIOT wholeheartedly agrees with him when he also says, “I love this life, I love the music I play, I love the people I get to party with.” This is one RIOTer that’s a truly unstoppable force.