Wyndell Long

Wyndell Long is a musical fiend hailing from Chicago with tastes ranging from hip hop to techno to string quartet. This has heavily influenced his own productions. Not only creating techno and house, but rap beats and euro dance too.

Wyndell bore witness to the birth of Chicago house music in the 80’s. He and his friends would have the radio blasting out 102.7 FM WBMX Chicago’s hot lunch mixes and full hot mix 5 late night sets. This inspired him to create.

After meeting K-Alexi he caught the techno / house bus and started to experiment. Along with a crate of techno vinyl he was holding onto for a famous producer friend of his, he began to develop a sound that was a mixture of all the things he loved about Chicago house. He was aiming for a hard yet funky mixture of this kind of mind set with classic and current Chicago drums, along with obscure samples and mad effects.

After getting his craft together, Wyndell started making demos and firing them out. Soon after he had regular releases on a multitude of labels and created a mass of remixes for other artists like Mike Dearborn and the legendary Armando and DJing all over the world in clubs like Fuse and Technoir cemented his name into the techno elite.

He’s a true Chicago artist appearing on the best labels in the world like Djax-Up-Beats, Peace Frog, ProJEx, Majesty, & R&S and continues to bring real music to the table by supporting the techno and house scene with regular podcasts on all the top notch shows as well as on his own exclusive mix series.

With releases still flowing, along and with constant bookings, Wyndell Long is one very in demand dude.