Yu Ikemoto

Yu Ikemoto is one extremely talented techno producer and DJ from Tokyo, Japan whose sound is undeniably unmistakable. Strong, bold and in your face kicks infiltrate his music that literally pound down on you with such force it’s like battling Godzilla on steroids.

Yu grew up listening to so many various styles of music, not surprising coming from Japan, a place that’s no stranger to new and innovative music being added to their culture that they take in and incorporate so well. Techno, electro, house, hip-hop, EBM, ambient and drum n’ bass all took their part in forging his musical psyche. For two decades these dark, serious, oddball and often niche forms of music have ignited the fires within.

As a high school student it was his friend who 1st let him hear artists like Subhead, Surgeon, Oliver Ho, Damon Wild, Underground Resistance & JoeFarr. A very good and well informed friend indeed. It also encouraged him to excitedly tune into as many techno shows as possible.

This started him on his vinyl odyssey. To say he’s an avid collector of amazing and often rare vinyl is an understatement, he’s a demon in the field. With Japan’s amazing techno shops at his disposal he’s got no shortage of choice either, especially in Toyko, a mecca for vinyl enthusiasts.

Yu also started to write his own music, as a hobby at first, then gradually becoming more serious as he delved deeper into the circuits of his machines. Creating music doesn’t come easy to him, it’s difficult, but he enjoys the extreme challenge it brings. Being the perfectionist that he is he can spend eternal hours editing one solitary track until someone has to tell him “it’s FINE, just gimme it.”

Funnily enough, that’s exactly what we here at RIOT Radio Records had to politely tell him about the demo tracks he submitted to our label when we signed him up instantly on hearing his amazing music.

Until now, Yu Ikemoto has been nameless, but no more, RIOT Radio Records had no fear to bring him on board the RIOT train as his music is nuts.

Yu’s ultimate aim is to launch his own label. With such enthusiasm, skills and knowledge, that’ll be a great day upon its arrival.