Bernhard Von Zorn

Electronic music needs a voice, a message, something to say, just as it was prior to becoming mainstream. The big party seemed over and things aren’t as simple as it was in its infancy. This may be the best description for the experiments, from acoustic to industrial, in Bernhard Von Zorn’s music while still retaining his punk attitude.

The world was still black and white when Bernhard started making music around 30 Years ago but he’s been steadily involved in making noise to this day. He’s always felt a deep need to try and explain something, mainly to himself, offering his views into the changes in our lives and society. A philosophy channelled to through sound.

After some years as the singer of a punk-rock group, which materialized from his many early influences including punk, metal, hardcore, industrial, neofolk and modern classical, so many walls of sound, electronic music came along and everything was new again.

A heavy mixture of acid, Goa and the experimental use of vocals and guitars began to influence him. Infectiously, he started creating full-blown aggressive live sets as well as experimental ambient performances which paved his future musical path. However, it wasn’t until he played his first live set in front of 500 people at a Goa party mid 90’s, where the dance floor totally freaked out, he began to understand it more as an interaction between artist and listener rather than just a performance.

Very much a conceptual artist, Von Zorn would get involved in many live projects and art experiences. One such exploit within a shop in the city of Münster, Germany, where artists had a platform playing 12 hours of non-stop electronic music each, resulted in multiple full length acid / Goa and ambient CD’s coming to fruition from the recordings he made there. People walking past and looking through the shop window would go in to listen, some stayed for days. An unbelievable experience of electronic art he shared with others that he’ll never forget.

Bernhard Von Zorn’s an artist who never makes music for money, “it will corrupt your art” he bluntly states, nor does his chaotic life doesn’t allow for planning, living day by day within his own nihilistic experiment.