DJ Proton

Ronnie Brunton aka DJ Proton from Edinburgh, Scotland is a DJ and legendary flat party host who loves making a beautiful racket with his wicked DJ jiggery pokery using an absolutely storming collection of completely RIOTous tunes that’ve been the envy of many frequenting party goers over the years.

Growing up he was subjected to constant 60’s, 70’s and far too much Elvis music for any person to enjoy. However, there was hope, because at the age of 12 he discovered BBC Radio 1 and hip hop. But even that was all to change five years later in the summer of 1991 when he was invited to a house party and heard some music on Rising High Records which completely tuned in and switched on his internal music signal processing circuits. His psyche had become ………………………… AWARE.

Fast forward a year and he found himself going out to as many clubs as he could to energise his broadening internal hard drive.  As well as being eternally influenced by attending behemoth Edinburgh clubs Sativa and Pure with the ritualistic sounds of Twitch & Brainstorm, he was very heavily inspired by the output from Industrial Strength Records, Drop Bass Network and all things poundingly heavy.

Ronnie got his first set of decks that year and he’s never looked back since. He’s now a full on addicted vinyl collector with a very impressive collection and a second to none knowledge of techno and all its associated genres.

He’s played many clubs in Edinburgh and beyond including UTI, Stalag 13 and Resistance and has delivered banging DJ mixes for Leith FM, Boomerang Radio and some label tribute sites such as Planet Core.

However, it’s his work as a tutor with DJ Academy that currently takes up his time, teaching people how to DJ on vinyl, CD or a software controller package. He takes great delight in witnessing his students discover the beauty of mixing with vinyl, especially if they’ve been a CD or digital mixer previously.

He still loves DJing to this day, it’s continually a great buzz finding, collecting and spinning tunes, and he’s finally giving serious thought to producing his own tracks in the near future ……………………..