Mickey Nox

Mickey Nox is a techno enthusiast, label owner, DJ and producer from Melbourne, Australia. His impressively unique style and attitude towards his constantly evolving productions and DJ sets is dark, menacing, and always maniacally exhilarating as he becomes progressively more entangled within his heavy hitting hardware.

Growing up he listened mainly to metal bands like Black Sabbath, eventually moving onto techno after hearing what Melbourne legends like Will E Tell, Voiteck & Hellraiser were belting out. Now his imagination runs wild from listening to a broad range of musical influences including The Stooges, Miles Davis and Blawan.

Nox started DJing around 2005 with his own productions materialising a couple years later. These productions soon started to appear on his heavy hitting techno label Green Fetish Records which he’s masterminded since 2013. Through there he’s relentlessly pushed his own brand of hard as nails techno forward into new territory, breaking all previous established boundaries set by his local peers.

Constantly keeping a niche sound for the label and controlling the amazing artists that have appeared on it, along with pressing records and running warehouse parties, festival stages & illegal raves, this is just the first chapter of the his label and future.

He’s no stranger to the nightlife and festivals list in Melbourne and he’s been playing major international gigs outside of Australia since 2015. He’s supported incredible international acts such as Jeff Mills, Rebekah, Christian Wünsch and Clouds amongst others, and playing B2B with Green Velvet for two hours one night was an amazing experience.

He’s never been more serious about making music, it’s his one true passion that never fades. He’ll do it until the day he dies …………….. which is great news because it’s gonna be a busy future for Mickey Nox from 2018 onwards due to him having a large number of releases completed, backed up and ready to be unleashed on both vinyl and digital formats on major labels.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if he makes an appearance on RIOT Radio Records soon enough, STAY TUNED ……………..